Sunday, March 23, 2008

Britain's Got Talent

Something smart or something frivolous?

Looking at the hour, I'll blog about something frivolous.

If you have had too much of American reality shows lately, check out "Britain's Got Talent". Unfortunately I don't think this has reached our shores yet. I found it on youtube and it's fabulous. :)

"Britain's Got Talent" is the creation of .... (drum rolls) ... yup! no other than American Idol's Simon Cowell. He is one of the judges in this show and is equally nasty. It's a British reality show in search of the next best amateur talent act ... which is NOT limited to singing only.

The winner will receive 100k British pounds and get to perform for the Queen and the Royal Family at the Royal Variety Performance.

Now on to the interesting bits. I managed to "dig" out 3 interesting videos from youtube. Watch Simon's expression in all 3 videos!

I have been watching this video a few times and it has not failed to make me laugh every single time. Hope you enjoy it. Did you catch the judges' facial expressions? At first Simon looked real bored ... but then he perked up ... and laughed! That's incredible. I don't think I've seen him caught by surprise like that! Check out the other judge's reaction and the audiences as well.

This is another good one. Even I was taken by surprise. Without divulging much, check this video out! Again check out Simon's expression. Total disinterest at first and then ... Russel Watson's gonna get a run for his money!

This is a winner. Imagine a 6 year old singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" acapella. Listen to Simon's remarks.

Yup! Britain's sure got talent!


Discordant Dude said...

guess wut, this was the first show i watched on british tv! i like paul potts (the second guy) and the little girl too... wanna know the winner or do u already know?

Leanne said...

Already know the winner. That's the beauty of youtube and the internet. :)

By the way, Malaysian political scene are getting more and more interesting every day. Bet you are following closely on that.

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

ooo we have american got talent already on tv. didn't know got britain's version.

Discordant Dude said...

"interesting" is a very neutral word, lean-che... hehe. too much politicking at the moment, and may distract the newly enlightened from the real issues.

reficul said...

Since Astro is hvg so many re-runs in their movies,it's a good change fm the gomen with providing us the circus show nowadays...sit back and enjoy...