Friday, August 24, 2007

Badminton - more, more, tell/show me more

Fresh from the BWF championships last weekend, we were pretty inspired last night at our weekly badminton game (despite Malaysia suffering heavy losses at the BWF). It was a great night. I had some good double matches and a particularly tough single match. I have not played singles with any of these guys before but was dragged into a match yesterday. It was particularly tiring and by the ninth point, I was "punctured" ~ out of breath & out of energy. I was sending easy shots out and giving weak returns. I was also running less so my opponent took the opportunity and came from behind to finish off the game. All in all, we got a lot of exercise done and I thought my back would ache like crazy today BUT all's well thus far. It ain't too bad after all.

In any case, the purpose of this blog is not to yak so much but to post pictures of the Proton-BWF World Championship 2007. After all, a picture says a thousand words. For those who can't get enough of it, feast on ...

Lin Dan - man of the match
Lin Dan @ the semis - man of the match

Bao Chunlai - the struggling opponent
Bao Chunlai - the struggling opponent

Let the play begin
Our "senior citizens" - putting up a fight

The crowd came in droves to support our "senior citizens"

A moment of respite with Rexy
A moment of respite (or not) with Rexy

More advice from Kim Hock & Rexy
More advice - how much trouble are we really in?

KKK - One half of the dethroned pair
KKK - one half of the dethroned pair

Sony - the "giant" killer
Sony - the "giant" killer

Sony & Lin Dan
Sony & Lin Dan @ the finals. The "giant" killer tried hard. The "man of the match" denied him the victory.

Women sports wear has come a long way
Lady badminton attire - how far we have come ...

Doubles in action
Men Doubles Finals - the Koreans played below par, the Indonesians didn't give an inch.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear.....stick to badminton...shuttle cocks dun hurt half as much as fully loaded squash balls...

my head still hurts...