Monday, August 06, 2007

Should bloggers join politics?

Yes, I have finally surfaced on the blogosphere. This news is just too disturbing to let it pass.

When I first heard the news that Jeff Ooi is joining DAP, my reaction was negative.


Because I felt a teensy weensy bit betrayed.

Because his voice would now no longer be an "impartial" voice of the people. He would no longer be a regular Joe ... like you and me.

(I am using the word "impartial" here rather losely as no matter who we are, we can never be totally "impartial" as we would somehow be influenced by our environment and upbringing.)

Because by crossing over to politics, his say would no longer be his opinion. Party politics will come into play.

And yes, I would assume there would be conflict of interest.

And yes, I believe there would be political agenda behind his words.

As a friend said during a conversation on this, "Jeff Ooi would no longer be credible."

If I had wanted to know what DAP thought, I would have read Lim Kit Siang's blog.

At least that is what both of us felt.

What about you? Do you think bloggers should join politics?


Vincent said...

i think there's two views here.

jeff is well versed in politics, background in ICT & journalism, where his critical views can be used for the good of the people. i think people would have known of his aggro style of writing. nevertheless, each have their own subjective thinking.

yes, party politics will come into play right now. he's no longer 'impartial' like you said. let's see how good he is at pulling people now. it's a totally different game.

Gingseng4desoul said...

Well, we can't really stop anyone from joining politics. However, let's see what he has got to say now. Then, we make our own conclusion.